Biotechnology is the application of recent developments in technology to manipulate the genetic and biochemical characteristics of an organism so that the organism or its metabolites can be economically produced for our benefit. In practice it requires the selection and genetic improvement of an organism for a specific purpose. Organisms may be used to synthesize a desirable product or degrade unwanted materials.  University of Chittagong started Department of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology with the aim to create some skilled, creative and enthusiastic citizen. The department has started its journey from 2004. Most bright students of the University get chance in this department. This department is providing excellent research facilities, quality teaching and good work environment. The Department of GEB is committed to research excellence in modern Biotechnology, including the areas of Cell & Molecular Biology, Protein Engineering, Plant Biotechnology, Environmental Biotechnology, Bioinformatics. Our faculty is dedicated to quality in teaching at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels to develop a new generation of exceptional investigators.

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Dept. of Genetic Engineering organizes Biotechnology Schooling program regularly. It is an initiative to enhance attraction to research activitity among the School and College students. Saint Placid school took part in the program recently.52 studets attended the training workshop sessions. Formerly, William Carey Academy, Chittagong College adn Chandpur College took part in the program.        

Poster Presentation 2011

Annual poster exhibition of this year will be  held in the February 10. Students of 4th batch will present their poster on their lab work to show some environmental problems and solutions. Last year the poster on Bio-electricity of a group of 4th batch student’s elected for fist prize by the judges. Dr. Mohammad Al Forkan, A. M. Abu Ahmed, [...]

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